In this article I will go through a complete website project to try and generate r/RoastMe subreddit texts automatically based on a machine learning approach


There are a lot of information available on social media platforms such as reddit. This has a lot of potential for creativity and making fun, rewarding projects. Often times we see a lot of bits and pieces presented around the web on how to have such a project, but normally not a complete working version with documentation.

Here I will present a project I did recently to incorporate all of these bits and pieces. The description will have four main parts:

A very simple implementation of projection mapping done in React using glsl shaders, works on any typer of surface and also moving or spinning!

The final result will look like this

You can check it out in the following sandbox ->

A breif look at the scene set up in react:

In just a few lines of code I create the scene for our project as a React component:

First I import the necessary libraries, the CameraHelper from threejs so we can show some gizmos on the camera we use to project the texture.

The react-three-fiber and drei are imported to make our life easier, as they provide the components from three js library in the…

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